IFL'20 Season

Men's IFL'20 Leaderboard

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Women's IFL'20 Leaderboard

Name (First)
Name (Last)
1JaniceArmstrongCrossFit Bulawayo212121212121126
1JoSchultzCrossFit Bulawayo212121212121126
1LisaMarabiniPrimal Fitness212121212121126
1HannahHutchingsRVC / Migym212121212121126
1LauraHeuerCrossFit KYMA212121212121126
1Nikki-AnnSmithPrimal Fitness212121212121126
1ChanelleJohnCrossFit KYMA212121212121126
1TimeaSchultzCrossFit Bulawayo212121212121126
1SyanMcCarterRVC / Migym212121212121126
1CaitlynTudor ColeCrossFit KYMA212121212121126
1PollyMichaelCrossFit KYMA212121212121126
1LindaMarquesPrimal Fitness212121212121126
1AshMcMillanRVC / Migym212121212121126
1DanielleWilsonRVC / Migym212121212121126
1MelHensonPrimal Fitness212121212121126
1HeatherEvansCrossFit KYMA212121212121126
1AvalonBruceCrossFit Bulawayo212121212121126
1JulesKomenRVC / Migym212121212121126
1CharlotteStilesPrimal Fitness212121212121126
1CJStewartRVC / Migym212121212121126
1TraceyAshwinRVC / Migym212121212121126